Many greetings from Folklore Garden to you!

Let us introduce you our front office team.

We are a team of people with enthusiasm for our work.

Tell us about your expectations and needs and we will prepare a tailor-made evening for you and your groups.

Feel free to contact us.


Director / Sales & Marketing Manager

I am chiefly responsible for sales and marketing issues.

Customer service is my priority; paying attention to details and guests satisfaction with our services.

It is a pleasure for me to be also available in case of your individual requirements, whether different packages of services etc..

I like communicating with people, originality, creativity and organizing all sorts of things. And, as said in a quote by William Blake: “To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour“, my great passion is learning about new cultures, countries, history and the study of foreign languages, so I perhaps meet you somewhere in the world on my way, where I collect inspiration and taste the local delicacies and study traditions. My other hobbies are sports, painting and reading.

I speak English, French, German, Italian and Russian.


Operations Manager

I am responsible for overseeing and I am having responsibility for all the activities in the organisation like supplies of goods and services, daily restaurant operations and assists with menu planning, maintains sanitation standards. My goal is to continually improve guest and employee satisfaction.

I like running and participating on marathons. My favourite hobby is cooking. Cooking a meal is one of the most personal things you can do for someone. It is also a chance to go on a new experience.  It’s also everything behind-the-scenes as well — the fragrance of herbs etc.. Cooking speaks to all of my senses. It’s a joy!  And I love travelling.

I speak English, German, Russian.


Reservations & Accounting coordinator

I am responsible for for handling reservations, inquiries and cancellations, follow ups and assisting the accounting department .

I speak English, French, Slovak, Russian.